The End?

So I’ve been off the radar for 10 days sailing through the Drake Passage and exploring the white continent, Antarctica. I’m on the biggest (natural) high you can imagine sprinkled with a little bit of sadness. My amazing (this is not the best adjective to use) trip has come to an end.

But the excitement (or unknown, scariness, suspense) does not stop there. My last post talked about my bumpy ride down to Ushuaia, Argentina. This one will talk about the eventful flight back to Buenos Aires.

Sitting in my window seat going through photos of my trip, the oxygen masks suddenly fall from the overhead compartment. Initially I thought it was a malfunction and that they accidentally all opened up. I was mistaken. Without being told why, we put the masks on and started breathing normally. At the same time, I smelled burning. Did I mention we were probably 10,000 ft in the air? Here we go again.



As I’m still breathing into the mask trying to remain calm, the lady and her daughter next to me inform me that the captain just said we are close enough to land into BA but at the larger, international airport. Initially we were going into the domestic airport. She told me in basic Spanish so I could understand. Then she offered me a mint. She must have seen my worry and my constant praying in hopes everything was going to be alright. These Argentines really know how to comfort people.


As we approached EZE International Airport, we were told to remove our masks. It felt like it was a 1000 degrees in the cabin and you could still smell the burning. As we were landing, emergency personnel were waiting to follow the plane as soon as it touched down. They were right behind us waiting for the plane to stop.


There was no terminal for us. We got off on the tarmac, bussed to the baggage claim, and then escorted to another bus to shuttle us over to the domestic airport, if that’s what we wanted.

My heart is back to beating an approximate 72 beats per minute and I’m back in BA to spend the weekend in what people refer to as the Paris of South America.

Posts and pics of Antarctica will be coming soon. I need to organize it all and decide where to begin. Until then, you have the beginning and now the end.


  1. phantomcoast · January 17, 2015

    Oh my gosh! I got nervous just reading that. I would have been terrified.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alaa Razoky · January 17, 2015

    Yup, I was a little scared.


  3. Cindy · January 17, 2015

    LOVE your blog, Alaa!


  4. Alaa Razoky · January 17, 2015

    Thank you, Cindy!! 😁


  5. moru13 · January 18, 2015

    Hey Alaa, Sorry about that flight, it sounds scary! I’m looking forward to the Antarctica pics. I’m following your blog now; I also have a blog on WordPress ( No penguin pics, tho there are occasional photos of my cats!


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