Barf Bag

I have taken every precaution to help with seasickness on my upcoming Antarctica cruise. A large ziplock bag contains all the items I need. Of course, this bag is nestled amongst all my clothing in my checked luggage.

I fly A LOT! I’m on a plane on average of once a month. I NEVER get motion sickness in the air. Not until today. My early morning flight out of Buenos Aires was extremely turbulent (there went my nap). I found myself praying and asking God to not let this be my time (seriously that bad). He listened. Thanks, God.

Not sure what the pilot was thinking. We had a full plane and everyone was loaded. It started to rain hard. With the rain came some serious lightening. I thought for sure we’d be delayed but nope, the pilot went ahead. As much as I hate delays, this was one time where I would rather watch the storm pass instead of experience what I did. Is this a prelude of what’s to come in the Drake Passage (I hate that my mind even goes there)? I certainly hope not.

It came to a point where the sweet Argentinian couple sitting next to me, who are about my parents age, ensured I had a barf bag in hand, turned on the air and fanned me with the emergency evacuation pamphlet to make certain I didn’t lose my shit (no one wants a vomiter next to them). She even offered me gum but I remembered I had mints. Popped two in my mouth, did some deep breathing in the bag and eventually I was back to normal. It also helped that the plane was much more stable.

Again, I don’t know if I get seasickness or motion sickness. If you recall in one of my earlier posts, the only time I was ever seasick was when I went deep sea fishing. I’m not sure if it was the boat, the water or the booze and street food I ate the night before. Yesterday I had wine (a few glasses) with my amazing meal that was extremely filling and only had three hours of sleep before making my way to the airport. I guess I’ll never know but I’m so thankful the nausea is gone, the plane is flying smoothly, and that I’m one step closer to my Antarctica cruise.

The remainder of the flight was much better and the landing was smooth.
I took the unused barf bag with me…just in case.
The couple were still making sure I was okay. Very sweet of them.




  1. tameramb · January 6, 2015

    Good luck on the next leg!


  2. Dorothy Kline · January 6, 2015

    Ginger Ale usually helps for me. Good luck on the cruise! I used the patch on our Galapagos cruise and it was a lifesaver!


    • Alaa Razoky · January 7, 2015

      I have ginger chews/lozenges/mints, dramamine, Chinese herbal pills, seabands and a barf bag. Lol. Im hoping the ship will have ginger ale. Too bad I didn’t grab the patch too. Thanks, Dorothy!


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